Etta Mae's Worst Bad-Luck Day


Etta Mae Wiggins has one thing on her mind—getting to the altar before her intended’s son and daughter-in-law can stop the ceremony. Marrying Mr. Howard Connard, Senior, enfeebled though he is, looks to be the only way that Etta Mae can realize her dream of being somebody, getting ahead, and bettering herself. But scheming kinfolk aren’t the only ones standing in her way. There’s her first ex-husband who shows up with a winning lottery ticket and a pack of angry thugs on his heels. Then there are so-called friends, loose-living cops, and strait-laced Miss Julia Springer who would all stop the wedding in its tracks if they could.

And there’s her old flame—the one that’s still flickering—Officer Bobby Lee Moser, who keeps popping up all over town.

On what appears to be the worst bad-luck day of her life, Etta Mae does as she’s always done. She stays the course, pushes forward, and keeps her eyes on the prize.

From single-wide trailer to in-town mansion, from hard-scrabble living to elegant ease, and from ill-repute to respectability, Etta Mae is determined to change her life. ETTA MAE’S WORST BAD-LUCK DAY is the hilarious story of Miss Julia’s friend before she became a friend, and the moving story of one woman who, against the odds, tries so hard.
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"Fans of Ann B. Ross will love this book! Etta Mae Wiggins is the funniest character to come down the pike since Miss Julia showed up to speak her mind. I laughed all the way through it. Hooray for Etta Mae!" — Fannie Flagg, author of The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion

"Ann B. Ross has given us an irresistible heroine. Spirited, sassy, and thoroughly charming, Etta Mae Wiggins manages to turn a day of misfortune and mishaps into an endlessly entertaining adventure, with the perfect dose of wit and romance. Etta Mae sashayed off the page and straight into my heart—I adored her and rooted for her from the start." — Erika Marks, author of It Comes in Waves and The Guest House

"Smart and sweet, bold and brash, and, above all, determined to better herself, Etta Mae Wiggins will win your heart. Ann B. Ross's wit and ear for dialogue are at their best in this delightful romp from a low-rent trailer park to the upper crust of Abbot County, North Carolina." —Vicki Lane, author of the Elizabeth Goodweather Appalachian Mysteries

"Any book by the beloved creator of the Miss Julia series is a cause to celebrate. Etta Mae is one of the South's pluckiest, most endearing characters, and readers will love her fun, fast-paced adventures." — Michael Lee West, author of A Teeny Bit of Trouble

"The curvaceous spitfire Etta Mae Wiggins will swing through the streets of Abbotsville and straight into your heart. What a most excellent bad-luck-day ride!" — Charlene Baumbich, author of the Dearest Dorothy novels

"Ann B. Ross's Miss Julia books are always a delight, and Etta Mae's Worst Bad-Luck Day is no exception."—J.A. Jance, author of Moving Target